190: Checkout Time

roguecastWednesday, December 6th: This week we talk about comics for this week and last week, including Captain America #696, X-Men Gold #17, Sleepless #1, Watchmen Annotated, Batman #36, Klaus and the Crisis in X-Mas Ville #1, and more! We talk about the Goldie Vance movie, the Robin costume for the Titans TV show, Quentin Tarantion’s Star Trek, the Batman anime, Wolverine’s podcast, and the impending Disney/Fox deal!

Our Rogues Gallery Theme Song is by Jarek Stuart!

Show Notes:

00:01 – 19:44 Introduction/News
19:44 – 55:23 Comics for December 6, 2017
55:23 – 1:03:43 Topics (Slow Burn: A Watergate Podcast, Hotshots)

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