152: I Only Stake Vampires in New York

roguecastWednesday,February 15th: We talk about this week’s comics including God Country #2, Daredevil #17, The Wild Storm #1, Mighty Thor #16, Captain America Sam Wilson #19, Kill or Be Killed #6, and all the other releases for the week! We also have our thoughts on the Titans Judas Contract trailer, Castlevania at Netflix, the X-Men movie series, and lots more!

Our Rogues Gallery Theme Song is by Jarek Stuart!

Show Notes:
00:01 – 29:58 Introduction/News
29:58 – 1:06:27 Comics for February 15, 2017
1:06:27 – 1:18:20 Topics (Imposters, Legion, Potion Explosion, Colt Express)

Judas Contract Trailer

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