Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League

D&D Adventurers League is our weekly in-store Dungeons & Dragons game, every Thursday night! Play the newest D&D with our DMs every week, or drop in week-to-week when you have a chance, as long as there’s room, you can come to play!

Call us if you’d like to reserve a spot! It’s free, but player slots fill up by game time (7pm to 9pm). If you’re completely new to D&D, feel free to just come out and watch for a bit. We’ll have a limited number of pre-generated characters if you want to join in, but you can also just talk to our friendly Dungeon Masters to find out how to build a character for next time! We have room for six-seven players at the table, so we suggest calling ahead on the day of Adventurers League to put your name on the list to play that night. Players should get to the store by 6:45 so the game can start right at 7.

Adventurers League tends to tie in with the current storyline in Dungeons & Dragons. So we’ve had stories surrounding the Rage of Demons, Elemental Evil, Prince of Dragons and Curse of Strahd, and expect a lot more variety in the future!


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