Magneto TP Vol. 1 – Infamous

magnetoHave you been wanting to see more Magneto payback in your life? Less “nice guy Magneto” and more of him hurling nails through people who’ve hurt mutants? Well, brother, I’ve got the series for you…

The new MAGNETO book was a random discovery. I tried the first issue earlier this year and it just seemed “eh” on its own, but when I read through the entire trade paperback, I got a big kick out of it.

Somehow Magneto’s been reduced in power – I forget how, and it doesn’t matter – and so he’s forced to be more covert in his actions. But he’s angrier than ever. This series was no doubt emboldened by the memorable scenes of Magneto hunting Nazi war criminals in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. He impales a lot of people. He’s Jack Bauer with a magnetically-thrown stop sign…or a paperclip he’s driven into your arm to worm around until you tell him what he needs.

Honestly, I came into X-Men in the early 80s, right when Magneto was first gaining some nuance and occasionally making friendly with the X-Men. I like that Magneto a lot. But for a change, I also like modern day shaved head Magneto, his famous white hair gone simply to make him harder to recognize. He’s got power, but he can’t squander it. He’s a bit paranoid, and often on the run – shades of THE FUGITIVE or its Marvel equivalent, the Hulk TV show from the 70s.

Give it a shot if any of the above sounds appealing. It’s also got some cool art reminiscent of Miller/Janson on DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, it’s got some slow-burn mysteries, and for a vengeance-oriented book, it’s got some good character stuff.

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