197: Nick Likes One Puffy Pouch

roguecastWednesday, February 7th: This week we talk about comics for this week, including X-Men Red #1, Armstrong and the Vault of Spirits #1, Green Lanterns #40, Incognegro Renaissance #1, Rogue & Gambit #2, Venom #161, and more! We also discuss the news of Bendis on Superman, DC’s new Zoom and Ink imprints, trailers for Mission: Impossible Fallout and Solo: A Star Wars Story, and news of new Star Wars films, a Conan the Barbarian TV series, and a Usagi Yojimbo animated series!

Our Rogues Gallery Theme Song is by Jarek Stuart!

Show Notes:

00:01 – 34:49 Introduction/News
34:49 – 1:12:58 Comics for February 7, 2018
1:12:58 – 1:27:19 Topics (Gloomhaven, What Do You Meme?, The Monster)

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