196: Everybody Cough on Nick

roguecastWednesday, January 31st: This week we talk about comics for this week, including Quantum & Woody #2, Justice League of America/Doom Patrol #1, Astro City #50, Star Wars DJ: Most Wanted, Silencer #1, Jean Grey #11, Phoenix Resurrection #5, and more! We also talk about the new trailers for I Kill Giants and Ant-Man and the Wasp, the Captain Marvel costume pics, DC’s No Justice series, Metropolis coming to TV, and a few bits of movie news, and close out with a spoiler-y discussion of Star Trek Discovery!

Our Rogues Gallery Theme Song is by Jarek Stuart!

Show Notes:

00:01 – 24:12 Introduction/News
24:12 – 58:12 Comics for January 31, 2018
58:12 – 1:36:56 Topics (Counterpart, Mosaic, Scythe, Critical Role, Star Trek Discovery)

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