177: Crocheted Rogue Hat

roguecastWednesday, August 16th: This week, we’re talking about this week’s comics including Mage Hero Denied #1, Generations All New Wolverine/Wolverine #1, Star Trek Mirror Broken #3, Future Quest Presents Space Ghost #1, Dark Nights Metal #1, Aquaman #27, Heroes for Hire by Abnett & Lanning TP, Batgirl Stephanie Brown Vol 1 TP, and more!  We also talk Tim Miller directing Neuromancer, Netflix picking up the Coen Brothers, Kirkman suing AMC and moving to Amazon, Good Omens casting, Cully Hamner’s The Signal designs, and Oni Press launching a game imprint.

Alternate titles this week: Novels With Side Quests, Barrow Wight of Existential Angst, The Signal Is Always Lit, and Frank Darabont Prison Industry.

Our brand new Rogues Gallery Theme Song, just like our previous one, is by Jarek Stuart!

Show Notes:
00:01 – 26:29 Introduction/News
26:29 – 1:09:36 Comics for August 16, 2017

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