166: Rogues Don’t Love Akira

roguecastWednesday, May 24th: We talk about this week’s comics including Rat Queens #3, Redneck #2, Mass Effect Discovery #1, DC Universe by Mike Mignola HC, Jean Grey #2, Captain America Steve Rogers #17, and all the other releases for the week! We’ve also got our thoughts on the Star Trek Discovery and Black Lightning trailers, news about Universal’s Dark Universe, the weird news about Supernatural/Scooby Doo and Hamilton/Duck Tales meeting up, a couple notable Toms being cast, and a whole lot more!

Our Rogues Gallery Theme Song is by Jarek Stuart!

Show Notes:
00:01 – 43:32 Introduction/News
43:32 – 1:09:00 Comics for May 24, 2017

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