149: Shane Black’s Magic Touch

roguecastWednesday, January 25th: We talk about this week’s comics including Divinity III #2, Pirates of the Caribbean #3, Extraordinary X-Men #18, Thanos #3, Skybourne #3, IVX #3, and all the other releases for the week! We also have our thoughts on the Judas Contract animated movie, Star Wars the Last Jedi, the Princess Bride RPG (and other licensed RPGs we’d like to see), casting for the Music Meister on CW, the Logan and Power Rangers trailers, and lots more!

Our Rogues Gallery Theme Song is by Jarek Stuart!

Show Notes:
00:01 – 41:06 Introduction/News
41:06 – 1:18:37 Comics for January 25, 2017

Logan Red Band Trailer
Power Rangers Trailer

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