End of the Line                

Outlast your rivals as you experience mutant attacks, dehydration, starvation, and some of the worst pop-culture references the end days has to offer in End of the Line, a post-apocalyptic family survival game that proves that the torments of the DMV and your local bank won’t end with civilization. In End of the Line, you must escape obliteration while navigating the bureaucracy of the post-apocalyptic world by placing members of your Nuclear Family in lines to collect food, water, fuel, and ammo. First in line gets a bonus while last in line gets nothing! As dad, mom, boy, girl, and dog are in the various lines, they will suffer classic, post-apocalyptic nightmares meant to test your mettle (and your friendships). Lay low and pick your fights wisely if you’re going to make it to the End of the Line.

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