Friday Night Magic

Rogues Gallery offers Friday Night Magic every Friday night!

We’re specifically emphasizing casual gameplay for our FNM. We’d love to have players of all levels of experience playing, but we don’t want the top pros dominating the prizes all the time. To that end, rather than awarding prizes only to the top players, we’ll be doing more door prizes and participation prizes. And while competition is good, smack talk is out. We want friendly games that new players are happy to join in on.

We offer prize support in the form of limited cards from Wizards of the Coast, as well as occasional bonus cards!

*Standard Format default, but we’re open to whatever the group wants to do each week

*We’ll offer Swiss pairing via the Wizard Event Reporter, but if the group would rather choose pairings, we’re open to that too

*Starts at 7, but getting there a little early will give us time to register you in the system

*Runs until 10 PM or earlier if the games finish early

*We’ll use the Wizard Events Reporter to match players and track standings, but prizes will be randomly distributed

There is no entry fee!

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