Arkham Horror 2017 Invocation Event

On Sunday, December 17th, Rogues Gallery will be holding an Arkham Horror: The Card Game Invocation Event for fans of the game!

Come out and play Arkham Horror in an all-new mode by choosing one or more Ultimatums that makes the game harder for that group of investigators! There is a $5 buy-in for the game, but each player will get a Daisy Walker alternate art card, a Daisy Walker token, and a playmat featuring Eixodolon’s Pet. We’ll have room for up to 4 players, and if there’s interest, we should be able to order more kits to accommodate more players!

We’ll have a set of Arkham Horror on hand for 4 players, but more players will need to bring their own copies of Arkham Horror to play. We’ll be keeping an eye on RSVPs to see if we need to order more event packs.

Posted in events, games on 11/03/2017 11:12 pm

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