DC Deck-Building Tournament in October!

We’ll be hosting a tournament for one of our favorite games, the DC Deck-Building game, on Saturday, October 7th starting at 1 PM! We’ll have room for up to 15 players, and we’ll have Vixen promo cards to give away to up to 10 players!

Come on out and give the game a try, we’re happy to teach it if you haven’t played before, or if you want to get some practice, come out and play on our Tuesday night open boardgame nights!

The game should run until about 4 PM, depending on turnout and how long the rounds take.

Posted in events, games on 09/01/2017 06:20 am


  1. Ronald Bianchi

    My wife and I are interested in this. How exactly is it setup as a tournament? We’ve only played it as co-op against the supervillains.


    • Depending on turnout, we’ll do either one or two rounds, with 3-5 players at a table. We won’t be playing the co-op mode, but will be playing the standard versus mode.


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