Rogues Gallery has expanded!

Rogues Gallery is now reopen in our brand new space, at suite 330, right next to our old space but with 1000 more square feet!

Come on in and check out our expanded location, complete with our new standing game tables!

Tell your friends! Come on out and see us!

Reminder: We haven’t moved the big sign yet, so we’re the place under the Thrift Store sign for another week or two. But don’t believe that lyin’ sign… we’re all comics and games in here!

Posted in announcements on 06/26/2017 05:33 am

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  1. jason brecht

    Dear Fellow Rogues,
    Here is a hearty “Congratulations on the move!” and “Do you need assistance?”

    I can be available Sunday the 25th for labor aid. I can shuttle boxes, shelves, etc. or even clean, if needed. I expect no payment in return. Yes, a volunteer! I’m Here to help my neighborhood comic book store succeed!


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