D&D Adventurers League – Three DMs starting this Thursday!


Thursday nights, we run Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition at the store from 7 PM – 9 PM!

For the past couple months, we’ve been pretty packed, but we’ve added a third DM, so hopefully we’ll be able to catch up with demand! Call us on Thursday starting at 10 AM to get on the list for the tables, and then come in and play D&D with us!

D&D Adventurers League runs every Thursday night from 7pm to 9pm, and if you get there a little early, you can chat with the DM about making a character (or just jump right into the action with a pre-generated character). D&D Adventurers League is both for new players and returning players of all stripes. You can even come out just to watch and see how it works.

All you need to bring is a pencil, some paper, and maybe some D&D dice!

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