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roguecardWe’ve heard the requests for many years. “I wish you guys had a membership card.” We’ve been thinking about it and going over it for just as long, and now we are proud to present The Rogue Card! Custom designed by our own Nick Budd, bearing your name and specifically for you, the Rogue Card is now available for purchase.

For a $35 annual fee, you get a variety of perks. A 10% discount on the monthly Gaming with Rogues boardgame selection, a 25% discount (instead of the usual 15) on the monthly Reading with Rogues graphic novel selections and a 10% discount on our Staff Pick of the Week comic books (15% if more than one staffer picks the same book) every week! In addition, members will get first dibs on promotional items like free posters and more, and something special on your birthday! In addition, you’ll get access to our boardgame and card game lending library, so you can try out games before you buy them.

Twice a year, we’ll hold members-only after-hours parties at the store with gaming, food and drink provided. We’ll also offer up gaming sessions with the Rogues, with Dave and Randy each running at least one RPG a year for members, and entry into a raffle to win a custom action figure from Nick Budd. And… when we do our annual clearance sales, members get “Critical Hit” privileges, doing automatic maximum damage (a.k.a. maximum discount) throughout the sale.

We’ll be testing other perks throughout the year as the program develops. Get your Rogue Card now by swinging by the store and asking to get a membership card!

Posted in announcements, promotions, sales on 02/21/2016 05:38 am

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