All New All Different Marvel Coming in October!

all-new-all-different-marvelWe’ve been talking about it on the podcast for a couple months now, but we’re closing in on the All New, All Different Marvel! What does that mean? It means Marvel is launching all of its comics out of Secret Wars with a brand new #1! This is not a reboot, it’s a continuation of the pre-Secret Wars continuity, with a few tweaks and changes in the mix. Some of the creative teams (Ms. Marvel, Thor, Squirrel Girl, Howard the Duck, etc.) are the same, some are completely new and different!

To make it easy for folks to scout out the first issues they want, one of our customers has created a PDF checklist with the creative teams listed for the first batch of Marvel #1s. If you’re interested in any of these, simply download the PDF, fill it out and bring it to the store and we’ll set it up as a subscription add-on or a special order for you!

Download the PDF Here!

Posted in comics, upcoming on 09/28/2015 01:26 am

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