Reading With Rogues August – Velvet Vol 1

velvet-1-before-living-end-cover-brubaker-epting-imageEvery second Tuesday, we hold our graphic novel reading club! It will be hosted at Homefield Grill across the street in one of their private rooms, so in addition to fun talk about comics, you can buy delicious food and drinks, including a pretty stunning array of beers on tap.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, August 12th, starting at 7 PM and running until we run out of stuff to talk about (usually about 9:30 or 10:00 PM). Folks can come and go as they please, and we should have room for up to 20 people, possibly more.

The managers of Rogues Gallery will be on hand to talk about comics and hopefully get everybody chatting… we’re hoping to extend the vibe of our New Comics Wednesdays to everyone who maybe doesn’t get a chance to talk comics with their regular group of friends, or just can’t get enough comics talk.

Each meeting of the graphic novel club will have a book we choose as a headliner. We’ll offer a 15% discount on that book from the time of the announcement to the night of the graphic novel club. While we’re perfectly happy to have you bring one you already bought, we’re hoping folks will choose to buy this book from us rather than download it digitally or buy it somewhere else, to help us keep funding these get-togethers.

This month’s book is Velvet Vol 1: Before the Living End by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting. The 15% off sale starts effective now, and will run until we close at 9 PM on Tuesday, August 12th. (Since we’re new to this, if you’re buying the book of the month, you might want to remind the clerk at checkout about the discount.)

We’d love for folks to RSVP on the Facebook event page just so we can have a rough headcount, but walk-ins are absolutely welcome. And while we’ll focus the discussions around the graphic novel of the month, we’ll almost certainly be talking about other comics and graphic novels. Also, for the time being, since there’s alcohol available, it’s later at night and we’re probably going to be offering graphic novels that are aimed at an older audience, we’re making this an 18 and up event. If parents want to bring their 15-17 year olds, that’s OK, but just be aware that we may be talking about mature subject matter in the discussions.

We look forward to talking comics with you!

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