Upcoming Comics & Games August 2013

We encourage pre-ordering! And remember: these dates are subject to change due to flaky creators, flaky publishers, and general bad mojo.


ittybittyhellboyHalo: Initiaton #1 / August 14th
Chew Vol 7 Bad Apples TP / August 21st
East of West Vol 1 TP / August 28th
Itty Bitty Hellboy #1 / August 28th
DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe #1 / August 28th
Infinity #1 (New Marvel crossover!) / August 14th
Robocop: Last Stand #1 / August
Star Wars Jedi Academy (from the creator of Vader & Son!) / August


Battlestar Galactica Daybreak
Firefly The Game
Love Letter Kanai Factory
Ogre Designer’s Edition
Pathfinder Adventure Path Wrath of the Righteous Part 1
Pathfinder Battles Skull & Shackles
Pathfinder Bestiary 2 Box
Pathfinder Demon Hunter’s Handbook
Pathfinder Demons Revisited
Pathfinder Faiths & Philosophies
Pathfinder Mythic Adventures
Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords Card Game
Pathfinder Wardens of the Reborn Forge
Savage Worlds Deadlands Noir
Shadowrun 5th Edition Core Rulebook
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures: B-Wing
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures: HWK-290 Light Freighter
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures: Lambda-Class Shuttle
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures: Tie Bomber

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