New Games for June 11 – June 17, 2012


Infernal Contraption 2nd Edition
Infernal Contraption is a fun-fueled, stand-alone card game of mechanical mayhem where goblin bodgers race to assemble their nigh-uncontrollable machines of mass consumption! Newly revised and expanded, this 2nd Edition of Infernal Contraption includes cards from the Sabotage! expansion – so throw a wrench in your opponents’ plans and watch the resulting madness!

Monster Chase
It’s your turn to scare those pesky Monsters! In the cooperative children’s board game Monster Chase, players use toys to scare all of the monsters back into the closet. But, they’re only spooked by one toy, so you’ll have to choose carefully. If you donÕt find the right toy, you will have to add another monster around the bed!

WOW CCG Aftermath Tomb Boosters
Monsters, Monsters, and Still More Monsters! Aftermath – Tomb of the Forgotten introduces a new Monster race – Tol’vir – including three new Monster Heroes (Paladin, Priest, and Rogue), plus dual-class Monster Heroes, new Murloc, Ogre, and Demon allies, and plenty of Loot cards to World of Warcraft: The Card Game.

Samurai Battles
Samurai Battles is the perfect blend of the beautiful and the historic, sure to please every breed of wargame fan – and the perfect way to explore the exciting battles of one of the most intriguing periods in the history of warfare. Whether you prefer the Art of Tactic or Commands & Colors style of play, Samurai Battles offers everything a wargamer could desire!


SOTC Dinocalypse Now
When the Century Club is called in to prevent the assassination of FDR, it’s just another day on the job – but what they discover puts not just the President, but the entire world in jeopardy! With psychic dinosaurs taking over Manhattan and beyond, it’s up to Sally Slick, Jet Black, Mack Silver, and the other Centurions to save humanity – from extinction!

The Laundry Mythos Dassiers
If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then a lot of knowledge is a critical mass! Deep beneath London, the Laundry archives occupy several miles of disused subway tunnel. The Dossiers contain extracts from the murkier reaches of the Laundry’s archives, a selection of unexplained encounters, unverified reports, uncorrelated data, loosely organized by whatever codeword seemed to fit. The Mythos Dossiers contain dozens of reports, handouts, eyewitness accounts, and deranged speculation about the horrors of the Mythos. Read them at your peril!

PF Advanced Race Guide HC
This definitive sourcebook for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game provides tons of new character options for all seven core player character races. Additionally, the Advanced Race Guide offers meaty sections on a dozen spotlight races that make interesting and exciting player character options, and allows players to create and play characters like merfolk, grippli, duergar, stryx, and every other appropriate monster currently in the Pathfinder game.

GM Face Cards Rise/Runelords
More than 50 key monsters and characters put their best face forward in this gorgeously illustrated deck designed for use with the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. With space on the back to record key information and the work of Paizo’s finest illustrators on the front, these Face Cards bring the friends and foes of the original Adventure Path campaign to your tabletop, aiding immersion in the game and letting your players look directly into the face of the enemy.

GM Map Pack Marketplace
This GameMastery Map Pack contains 18 full-color, 5 x 8-inch map tiles, stunningly crafted by cartographer Jason A. Engle, that combine to form a variety of marketplace configurations fit for both shopping and chopping.

PF Adv Path Tempest Rising
The adventurers have come a long way since the violent and desperate launch of their pirate career. Now, their ship’s hold full of loot and plunder, they make their triumphant return to Port Peril to present themselves to the Hurricane King. But with this recognition comes new opportunities, as other pirates take action to aid or hinder the heroes. Continuing the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path, Tempest Rising is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 7th-level characters.

PF Camp Setting Lost Kingdoms
Six of the most mysterious and legendary ancient empires from Golarion’s past cast a long shadow into the present in this secret-packed Pathfinder sourcebook. Explore the monolithic, jungle-draped ziggurats of the ancient cyclops ruins of Ghol-Gan, walk among the towering, megalithic ruins of sin-shrouded Thassilon, or seek your fate among the trap-laden pyramid tombs of ancient Osirion, along with three other legendary realms. Each of the six lost kingdoms detailed in this book come rife with adventure hooks, details on ancient treasures, and statistics for the deadly guardians who lurk there still.

PF Camp Set Skull/Shackles Pstr Map
Command the seas of the Pathfinder world with the Skull & Shackles Poster Map Folio! Chart your pirate empire on three huge, 8-panel poster maps – one of the pirate city of Port Peril, the unexplored Island of Empty Eyes, and the entire Shackles Isles region.

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