Heroclix Organized Play in March

Monday, March 5th
600 point modern age tournament, GSX colossals allowed (Dr. Manhattan not allowed). Any special object may be assigned to one figure on your team at the beginning of the game. For example, usually you would need to place the Globe of Ultimate Knowledge on the map and an action must be assigned to allow a roll to pick it up. In this tournament, you may assign the Globe to one figure. The Infinity Gauntlet + soul gem is allowed in this game. 4 actions per turn. The Bruce Banner LE is the prize for this week.

Monday, March 19th
Tournament is 600 point, 4 action, silver age (all figures are legal except non-GSX colossal figures as well as all objects). Figures with Leap/Climb showing on their dial may move their full movement and may make a close combat action or close combat attack as a free action. You may also assign one figure the Rip it Up feat for free. No feats and no BFCs. Prizes are 1st, 2nd, and fellowship for the Champion figure. Everyone will receive a Power Gem if they need it. Will play on the Tamarata map only. Champion and Power Gem are not allowed in this tournament since that is what you are playing for.

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