More Promotional Rings for Blackest Night

To build on the excitement of the mega-hit Blackest Night, DC is going to be offering a spectrum of promotional plastic rings starting in November! Just like the Black Lantern rings that were offered with Blackest Night #1, these will be one-size-fits-all plastic rings, and they’ll be available for every version of the Corps, from the Sinestro Corps to the Blue Lanterns. In order to get one of these rings, you just need to preorder the related comic, which will be a tie-in to Blackest Night! You can also preorder “All Lantern Ring tie-ins” on your subscription or special order and you’ll get a copy of each comic and its related ring.

The rings (and related comics) are:
Orange Lantern (Booster Gold #26)
Yellow Lantern (Doom Patrol #4)
Red Lantern (Justice League of America #39)
Green Lantern (Blackest Night #5)
Blue Lantern (Adventure Comics #4)
Indigo Lantern (R.E.B.E.L.S #10)
Violet Lantern (Outsiders #24)

Posted in comics, promotions, upcoming on 08/19/2009 09:45 pm

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